Re: Official - SCP Containment Breach 2's Trailer

Awesomeguy147 wrote:
Serial Killer wrote:I didn't know about what you speak, but you make a big error:

I am the creator of SCP - Containment Breach 2 and I have quite the authorizations of Regalis to created this continuation. Ask Regalis himself before coming to speak to me like that.
Ok in that case I apologize, I'll take your word for it that regalis gave you permission because that doesn't seem unlike him to do that and it would probably be impossible for me to contact him about anyways (... and too much work). Continue how you wish.
Yeah, Serial Killer does have my permission to make this game and use stuff from the original one. And the Creative Commons license actually allows anyone to do that, even without my permission.

The website on the other hand doesn't really comply with the license (at its current state it's pretty strongly implying that the game's from the same developers as SCP-CB), but we talked about this with Serial Killer and they'll fix it.