SCP The Breach[COOP]

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SCP The Breach is a co-operative, a story-telling 4 players psychological horror game.
Main goal is just like in SCP: Containment Breach, main characters that players can control need to escape the facility.

What about is SCP The Breach?
SCP The Breach is a coop game, that have brutal, anxious, dramatic and even a bit of psychotic atmosphere than other indie horrors.
Story of SCP TB are inspired by creepypasta site based on fictional foundation that helds some of anomalous creatures.

What is the difference between “SCP The Breach” and “SCP: Containment Breach”?
SCP - The Breach offers a story of 4 characters that are prisoners being held in foundation named "SCP Foundation", main difference is the "atmosphere" of the game.
It will be more serious, realistic in difficulty and be more brutal, violent, psychotic than SCP:CB.
The whole concepts be more different than SCP:CB.

When the SCP TB is coming out?
It's out now.

How much will SCP:TB cost?
TLDR version: 0$

How about The Future plans for SCP The Breach?
The SCP The Breach will be a free COOP(4 players) psychological horror.
It will have 4 playable characters that are Class D, and have diffrent biography, skills and behaviours.
I want to make SCP TB a brutal, dark, scary, realistic and hard to beat game.
Also I want to add some story, cutscenes to my game, characters will have in-game conversations.
SCP TB will get 2 gamemodes - Story mode and Custom Team Deathmatch.

Wait, it will have new SCP?
Yes, and they will be more aggressive in SCP TB.

DogeDEV, will it have other characters to meet like other Class-D or scientist, guards to talk?
Yes, it will.
For example, guards will be aggressive and try to kill you.
Even some SCP will be friendly for you.

SCP-173 nerfed, gg.
No, SCP-173 will be more tricky, and aggressive.
Just watch vents and look around, and your neck will be all right.

Can I help you with this game?
If you are experienced enough in what you want me to offer then okay(e.g. Modelling, uNet programmer, etc)
If you want to help me with game as originator then you need to know that I am the game designer.

Why you want to create this game?
My main hobby is programming and modelling 3D.
I played SCP CB since 2012, I really like this game, even now I am enjoying playing this game(Memory access violation kappa)
I was really hoping for SCP CB Multiplayer Mod but it was cancelled. Now, I'm creating standalone SCP game in other game engine with multiplayer.

Best regards to SCP community and creator of SCP CB, DogeDEV.
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Re: SCP The Breach[COOP]

slender1200 wrote:This actually sounds very interesting. It will be a fun little game to play with my friends. Hopefully this won't die like other games on here.
It won't, I'm really enjoying programming my game. : )
Anyway, I'd like to test myself in game development.

Changlelog [05-09-2016]
>Added Stamina
>Optimized some scripts.
>Finishing programming inventory system(Only I must do drop function and interaction in inventory menu[Drop/Use])
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Re: SCP The Breach[COOP]

Inclination wrote:May I ask what is the objective of this game? Does it share the same objective as SCP: CB?

Best of luck to you as well.
Definitely, yes.
You are a Class D and need to escape facility, but it won't be so easy.
Thanks, Inclination.

AgentParadox wrote:Make sure to learn from Containment Breach's mistakes and not repeat them. And uhh, good luck with your project.
Memory Access Violation?
But seriously, I will, but it is certain that SCP TB mistakes(glitches/bugs) will be different than CB.
Thanks, Paradox.
Working on Inventory system and Keycard/Keypad/DNA Scanner system, and probably Tesla Gate/Sentry Guns.
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Re: SCP The Breach[COOP]

Inclination wrote:Any news of any type of development or improvisation made to your game? It would be nice if we were informed once in a while of what is going on...
This is the list of content of SCP TB in 2016-09-14:
Created and implemented in the game:
-Random map generator(100%)
-Blink & Stamina system(100%)
-Loading Screen(100%)
-Tesla Gate(100%)

Work in progress:
-Improved and better optimized random map generator(1%)
-Elevator system(75%)
-KeyCard Scanner(50%)
-Gasmask(I must add some animations)(95%)
-Injure system(GFX effects and health is in the game but you can't affect them without console)(25%)
-Inventory system(45%)
-Intro(0%)(Still planning the intro)

To do:
-Sentry Gun(0%)
-Dead system(0%)
-Multiplayer support for some scripts.(0%)
-AI for SCP-106 and 173(5%)
-Items(Models, gfx, etc):

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I have:
>Guns(Glock, MPX)
-Characters(0%)(I need to model only 4 models)


-Melee Kills(Stealth, etc.)
-Adrealine system(If you hurt or stressed/afraid you have infinite stamina but it will works like: "You running with adrealine 2 minutes, so if you will over with Adrealine you stamina will decreased to 0 and you need to wait x*2(x = time from running when adrealine is active) so it will be 2*2 = 4 minutes, so you will can't sprint in 4 minutes after adrealine)
-Sanity system(Belongs to Melee kills, but how it will work? the more sanity will down then more, brutal and longer melee kills will appear, and possible adrealine will be activated)
-MTF and defense unit of SCP Foundation.
-Some events.
-New SCPs.

Code: Select all

>1 of my scp
and probably more.
-Gate: A,B,C
-2 gamemodes: Story, TDM.(All multiplayer)

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Re: SCP The Breach[COOP]

Good and interesting idea. If you want to perfect the mod/game you should get in contact with the other MP developers, Unity coders and 3D Modellers as well as someone else to check for gramatic mistakes and typographical errors and of course some "Beta-Testers" which you plan on getting already. They have their talents too. Can't wait to play the game/mod sometime. It's always nice to see new contributions.
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