Re: SCP The Breach[COOP]

0.04 version Multiplayer Update is here!
Before you install SCP The Breach, please read me!
It’s my first game I ever creating, it’s still buggy and glitchy, It’s still needs more work and without me this project will lead to nothing, that’s why I need time and your patience to learn more things like how to optimize my code, or learn how to program new things, or learn how to program faster. I need your all support, you can help me by testing my game! Or giving me advices if there is someone who can program in UNET, even he can join me, that will be more efficient for my project.
I just need more time to prepare to take development of SCP The Breach more serious, even if this looks good in some way, the code is still awful and buggy, I just want to tell you, I’m really opened to improve myself, to keep going with my project, but now, I need just more time, and patience from you all.
I think we all will have great time. :)

Sincerely, DDEV a main designer and programmer in SCP The Breach.


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Re: SCP The Breach[COOP]

Very nice to see a test build released to the public to try, very nice work so far! And I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say that we can all wait for you as long as we need to, for you to learn and continue to develop what I'm sure will become a fantastic game!