Re: SCP The Breach[COOP]

Hello again.
3 month ago I’ve posted a little up-date about my project. It’s still not 0.04 though, but I have some new content.
Gasmask GUI.
There is proof that multiplayer is here! But it needs re-work.
Added settings option in menu(It's just Post Processing menu)

And... there is new playermodel.
Most of things that I did are UNET stuff, weapon synchronization, position/rotation synchronization, pickup and dropping items, nicknames, lobby, etc.

But why I can't give you all 0.04 update now?
This branch is still unplayable, I wanted 0.04 version to be playable by users but... There is too many errors, glitches, lags and other crappy things. I still need more time to get animations for my playermodel, program new features for Health System, fix Stamina System, add full body awareness for player and re-work most of UNET scripts.
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Re: SCP The Breach[COOP]

Deadlyfight03 wrote:Can't u make so that the item Holding system is more like Scp SL like u actually holding the keycard in your hand instead of the icon on your crosshair? :idea:

I did some successful network re-work. :)


Gasmask synchronization

@Second update:

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