Re: SCP-087-C [ █ New 0.4 Update! █ ]

Just played, and freaking LOVED it! I am glad I could help on this project!
I love the night vision, once it runs out, it gives the player that "Oh...shit" moment haha.
I also love the initial noise filter that is applied when you see the monster for the first time. GREAT addition!

There were a few glitches I encountered when playing though:
-When you first see the monster, does he kill you? Or do you just walk back the way you came. Once he comes up and that noise filter effect is added, it just stands there, and in a way takes away that initial scare.
-Everytime I have encountered the monster afterwards though, I end up walking through it and end up behind it. While it stands there I simply go on. I saw there was supposed to be a death animation but it never played out for me.

Anyways, those were just some minor glitched I came across that I thought it might help you to know about.
This game is freaking awesome! I loved it.

Also, about a trailer. Once this game gets a little more developed, I would love to do a trailer for it. I do agree with Garbo though, It by no means needs a trailer, it can garner attention as it is.
But If you still wanted to have one I could definitely do one for ya :D
Great game!
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Re: SCP-087-C [ █ New 0.4 Update! █ ]

Today I've played more. I found the monster and... well... He went thorugh me, camera started to malfunction and he just stared to the hallway. Shouldn't he killed me or something?
Also (I know it's 0.4) the monster isn't scary at all, because you can see him from a lot of distance (and he is in his "cross form" xD, so it's like seeing Jesus with a mask...). Ideas on how to "fix" that:
-Showing just his face
-When you see him, he starts approaching you (I know this doesn't fit in the 087 article)
-Making a jumpscare (like regalis' 087-B)
-Adding more monsters
-Make him chase you
-RESUMING: make you run (and scream) as fast (and louder) as hell

Re: SCP-087-C ((Do you guys even lift anymore?))

I have played it several times know and i must say that you made up a really, scary game.
Are you trying to do it similar to the real article?, watching that you are using the original face of 087 brought my curiosity

More than one monster would not be a good idea, but getting different forms to show up our little friend could work pretty well, since you are using corridors and rooms like SCP 087 B I could suggest a event were the player is in a room with 3(or more) corridors and 087 pop up from the dark and he start to go backwards into a dark corridor, making the player to think twice if he wants to go that way (you could make this a tricky one, in the corridor there´s a chance of 087 still being there or not, so noone can really be sure if this cool guy is in it or not. Perhaps the player could get on a situation were the only way he can go on is taking the corridor that 087 got into)

Also, diferent forms of death, maybe one could be that after 087 reach the player, he drop the camere, and the spectator can see just darkness and a little bit of light comming from the flashlight, and then the face can be visible in the dark, gets closer and then the camera get a fast static noise before shuting down.

Finaly, i would suggest a little of psychological fear, the player start to alucinate, watching the face of 087 when he is not present in the room, slow footstep that make the player think that 087 is behind...

I would love to help on this project as much as i can :)
How about a nice game of chess?


Re: SCP-087-C ((Do you guys even lift anymore?))

I'm gonna play it in a minute, but judging from the trailer, you don't have step footsteps.
When on stairs, you take smaller steps, so the footsteps should play maybe 3, 4 times as much.

So, I started Razer Synapse, so the noise sounds like it's in 3D space, and launched the game.
Started, looked around, but I DID NOT MOVE.
I turn on Nightvision, and I see something clipping in the corridor exiting the room.
And it launches straight at me and gives me a heart attack, while playing some wierd
staticy thing that gives me a stroke. The end.


Gameis2scurry, so I put 640 resolution on windowed. I open up cheat engine and turn on speedhacks to 15 times normal speed.
I RUNRUNRUNRURNURNRUNRRUNR until I die of stroke from static noise.