Does anyone still have a copy of room020's .3dw file from Box of Horrors?

Apparently, back in 2014 or so, InnocentSam put room020's .3dw file on a public (which has since been deleted - no archives are to be found either). viewtopic.php?p=91738#p91738

If anyone happened to have downloaded it while it was still up, please come forward. Attempts to contact InnocentSam regarding room020.3dw and room005.3dw have been unsuccessful as of now. juanjp600 doesn't have them anymore, and when I asked Juan about this, he said that he doesn't think Regalis ever obtained either file.

room020.3dw is pretty much the holy grail of CB 3dw files. If anyone has a copy downloaded somewhere and can share it, or can get InnocentSam to respond on this matter, it would be greatly appreciated.