[OLD] [1.3.11] Sixth Rush- A custom map for SCP: Containment Breach

This map is bad and I realized it for too late. But I created another achievement map which is far better than original: viewtopic.php?t=11592&p=126041#p126041

Download: https://jumpshare.com/v/sX1YIQd5slwi3CW4NsWJ

Author: rico6822

Custom maintenance tunnel: No

Custom Forest: No (doesn't even have forest)

Used map creator: Standard map creator

This map was created for a purpose of completing the game on Keter difficulty in a short time and easily. Caution is still advised.

Feedback and bug reports are appreciated.

1. Study the map with map editor to help yourself knowing, where to go.
2. Launch the map on Keter difficulty.
3. Get from the first storeroom a key card, gas mask and maybe one battery.
4. Get navigator and another key card from test chamber in the next hallway.
5. Go left for SCP-970 further in the corridor.
6. Make 1 loop by SCP-970 for achievement.
7. Go further into corridor for SCP-372, passcode and radio.
8. Go back to previous 4 path room.
9. Go straight forward for SCP-914.
10. Take medical kit.
11. Refine on "Very Fine" Gas Mask, Radar and Radio.
12. Refine on "Fine" a level 2 key card.
13. Go back to the room with SCP-1123.
14. Activate SCP-1123 and survive the sequence for achievement.
15. Find SCP-205 by heading on the left from SCP-1123's corridor and on the right from sinkhole.
16. Open the door to SCP-205 for achievement.
17. Exit the room.
18. Move forward from SCP-205 to next corridor. Avoid sinkhole.
19. Reach SCP-012 for achievement.
20. Move further for rooms with SCP and complete achievements there. If for some reason reading SCP-1025 with SCP-714 equipped does not protect from diseases find SCP-500-01 later in SCP-035's room, read book and use a pill.
21. Once you get to SCP-1162 drop your inventory and leave only 1 useless document in inventory.
22. Trade document for something else by SCP-1162.
23. Restore items you dropped.
24. Go forward and use elevator to get to SCP-939 for achievement. You can optionally try to get night vision goggles for maintenance tunnel, but this takes time.
25. After descending use same elevator again to go back.
26. Move forward until you reach the end.
27. Once SCP-106 abducts janitor lure him through tesla gate. Do not go for too far from him.
28. Enter inside surveillance room.
29. Flee the main control room as soon as SCP-049's event gets triggered. Do not waste your time on unlocking light containment zone. You should get an achievement for SCP-049 in the meantime.
30. Return to the sinkhole and jump into it.
31. Escape the pocket dimension the way it will make you find yourself inside SCP-106's chamber.
32. Use medical kit you previously took from SCP-914's chamber.
33. Retrieve level 5 key card from the chamber. You can try to disable SCP-106 by recall protocol, but this consumes time.
34. Go inside maintenance tunnel and find SCP-500-01. Take goggles as well if you haven't taken it previously.
35. Use any elevator to leave tunnels.
36. Explore facility further.
37. Once you receive Achievement "The Architect" head on the left to light containment zone.
38. You should encounter quickly the same sinkhole you used to go inside pocket dimension. At this point you should know, where SCP-914 is.
39. Put SCP-500-01 you found inside tunnels on "Fine".
40. Use received SCP-427 on self and close it. Do whatever you like with it, but don't fail your speedrun.
41. Go back where you received achievement "The Architect".
42. Explore the part of heavy containment zone you have not explored yet.
43. Take SCP-513 and drop it from inventory.
44. Move further for SCP-008. Do not go right.
45. Don't waste your time for hazmat suit and close SCP-008's box.
46. Explore the zone further and head left on the next pit's catwalk to left.
47. Use passcode 5 7 3 1 on the door inside SCP-035's control room.
48. Swallow SCP-500-01 you will find inside. If you haven't read SCP-1025 before it is a good time for it, before you use the pill.
49. Release SCP-035.
50. Wait as he ends his speech.
51. Go inside his chamber and gather SCP-148 just for achievement.
52. Explore the zone further.
53. Head for left on the next pit.
54. Find SCP-860 inside his chamber for achievement.
55. Explore the zone further.
56. Equip night vision goggles to detect SCP-966 and go through their chamber further into the facility.
57. Keep moving forward unless you find electricity room.
58. Disable remote door control system.
59. Return to the last pit you visited.
60. Go right for SCP-079.
61. Trigger speech with him.
62. Head back to entrance zone.
63. Keep moving unless you find offices.
64. Retrieve an SCP-420-J.
65. Use it for achievement.
66. Use passcode 7 8 1 6 for Dr. Maynard's office.
67. Hide inside the office from MTF and wait for them to pass. Listen to Morse's code from your radio in the meantime.
68. Use passcode you hear from the radio for Dr. Harp's office.
69. Move further into cafeteria.
70. Find 2 quarters in cafeteria.
71. Use them to order something from SCP-294. Estus is adviced, but pee should be fastest to type.
72. Go forward to the toilets.
73. Explore the right ward of toilet.
74. Find the ghost on very start of toilet room.
75. Explore entrance zone further.
76. Open gate A. At this point the only achievements you have to get yet are "Anti-Meme", "Fair Play" and "Survival in a Nightmare". If there are more achievements to get, than those 3 your speedrun is failed, but if you have to use an item you already have you still have time to do so for achievement related to it. If you are not speedrunning this map you can try to get the rest of achievements by heading back into facility for them.
77. The rest of the achievements you will get once you will survive the outro sequence.

It is allowed to publish edited version of the map under condition you will mention rico6822 or his aliases or you are one of SCP: Containment Breach's developers.
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Re: [1.3.11] Sixth Rush- A custom map for SCP: Containment Breach

The map have been updated here are the changes:

*It is possible now to gather all achievements.

*Added missing SCP-860's room.

*Edited one of the endroom's location in LCZ and gave it ability to spawn SCP-106.

*Added tesla gate near mentioned room.

*Removed tesla gate in HCZ.

*Fixed bug with message about missing character during "zapping" sequences with a woman trying to run past tesla besides of woman still taking place in there.
Barotrauma submarine designer- rico6822