SCP: Concentration

Update 2: 2019-05-21 - Changed the Engine to Unity3D Engine
Status: Not Released

Hey there.
My name is Kaustie and today I present you my most recent project (and first xD).
Welcome to SCP: Concentration.
In this remake of SCP: Containment Breach you can play with your friends and live the same horror of the game SCPCB.
SCP: Concentration in addition to provide the online support to players will also be added (in a longer version) new events, SCP's and Gates (escape alternatives).

At the beginning of this project I will use the Undertow Games forum to publish some updates-

Quick summary of SCP: Concentration:
SCPCB singleplayer and multiplayer (3 players maximum and needs hamachi in the first versions) remake;
New SCP's from the foundation and custom made by Kaustie Productions;
Gate C as additional / alternative escape for players;

Main Menu: (This is the only image I have, I will upload more soon)

Additional remark:
In the first public versions of SCPC I would like your help to know if there is no problem in terms of multiplayer.
In multiplayer, in the first versions, players can respawn only AND ONLY if they save the game (like singleplayer), otherwise they will have to restart the server.
I remind you again that the multiplayer will only work with Hamachi.
I use Unity3D Engine.

Any questions please contact me at Undertow Games, Gamejolt or [email protected]
Quick note: Im bad at english :)

Updates (What i'm doing now) [30% Complete to Release]:
New Textures to LCZ

Kaustie Productions