SCP - Containment Breach Multiplayer 1.3.11 [RELEASE]

All important systems are sync
The maximum number of players who can play on the server is 16.

- Added nicknames.
- Added chat
- Sync all sounds and decals
- Sync events and NPCs
- Transition from TCP to UDP
- Completely changed the style of multiplayer
- Added server list. - [REDACTED] - Will be added in future versions
- Added port to create new server.
- Instead of 2 players, now 16 players
- Added manipulate player bones
- Added attachs objects to players such as: Gas Mask, Armour, NVG
- Added pistol from NTF mod - [REDACTED] - Will be added in future versions
- Added no cheat mod. Now you can disable console to players.
- Added players to ESC menu. Now you can kick the players from server. - [REDACTED] - Will be added in future versions
- Added smart bots. - [REDACTED] - Will be added in future versions
- Added points for which you can buy skins - [REDACTED] - Will be added in future versions
- Added skins shop. - [REDACTED] - Will be added in future versions
- Added great optimization.
- Added spectate mod. You must enter to chat /spectate or select in players menu. - [REDACTED] - Will be added in future versions
- New input box. Now you can delete letters while holding Backspace, or add new symbols while holding keys.
- Added screenshots.
- Added AFK mod.
- Added Dedicated Server
- Added loading scripts from the folder - [REDACTED] - Will be added in future versions
- Added voice chat.
- Optimization multiplayer by compression data

SCP CB Multiplayer Discord -
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Re: SCP - Containment Breach Multiplayer 1.3.11

BananaCrook wrote:
Wed Jul 22, 2020 12:26 am
This looks really cool! Just curious; how similar will this be to Secret Laboratory?
It will be a bit similar, because there will be voice chat, and I will also increase the number of players in a future version. There will also be loading scripts for the server.
Here is a list of functions that can be used in scripts:
native SetServerGamemode(gametype)
native Kick(playerid)
native SendMessage(playerid, text$)
native PlaySound(playerid, filename$)
native EmulateConsoleCommand(playerid, text$)
native RconMessage(text$)
native GiveAdmin(playerid)
native RemoveAdmin(playerid)
native IsPlayerAdmin(playerid)
native SetGameMessage(playerid, text$)
native TeleportInRoom(playerid, roomname$)
native SetPlayerPosition(playerid, float:X, float:Y, float:Z)
native PlayerX(playerid)
native PlayerY(playerid)
native PlayerZ(playerid)
native RoomX(roomname$)
native RoomY(roomname$)
native RoomZ(roomname$)
native GetPlayerAngle(playerid)
native NpcX(npcid)
native NpcY(npcid)
native NpcZ(npcid)
native SetNPCPosition(npcid,float:X,float:Y,float:Z)
native SetNPCID(npcid, nid) / ?
native CreateNPC(npctype, float:X, float:Y, float:Z) / ?
native EnablePlayerNoclip(playerid)
native DisablePlayerNoclip(playerid)
native GetPlayerNickname(playerid)
native DisableEvents()
native EnableEvents()
native DisableAllNPC()
native EnableAllNPC()
native EnableNPC(npcid)
native DisableNPC(npcid)
native SetPlayerModel(playerid, filename$) / ?
native DisablePlayerAnimations(playerid)
native EnablePlayerAnimations(playerid)
forward OnServerStart()
forward OnPlayerChat(playerid, text$)
forward OnPlayerKeyHit(playerid, keyid) / VKEYS
forward OnCreateNPC(playerid, nid)
forward OnPlayerJoinToLobby(playerid)
forward OnPlayerJoinToGame(playerid)