[0.6.6] SCP-008 Infection mod

What this is
This mod adds in infections, hazmat suits, SCP-008, SCP-500, SCP-005, new rooms, new sounds, all sorts.
If you start hearing voices, you better hurry up...

I wish I could reveal more about the mod, but as it's designed to be scary and "new", like new additions to the full game, I'm going to leave the element of exploration in :)

How to install
Just drag and drop into the SCPCB 0.6.6 directory and run the modded exe. The source is included for anyone who'd like to see it.

The mod is now included in the official SCP game, bigger and better. But for muppets who want the rubbish-er version, download here:

Regalis for the game and helping me with problems via PM.
Prune for sound effects/music + beta testing
gameroyale for finding two very bad bugs

By Niborius
Bug reports
Post them here if you find them.

MAV: Memory Access Violation
Run in compatibility mode for Windows XP Service Pack 3 and run as admin. That fixed it for me.

Believe it or not, modding takes up a bit of time! If you have enjoyed the mod, please consider donating.

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Re: [0.6.6] SCP-008 Infection mod

Gonna try this out after i have tried the new version of the mlp mod.
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Re: [0.6.6] SCP-008 Infection mod

In the SCP-008 document, it says that it is Euclid, not Keter.
I really like how installation is Drag'n'Drop, and doesn't replace any vanilla files except for the changelog, which isn't changed in the mod.
I really find it hard to believe a KETER scp happens to be just randomly in the facility, but it doesn't have any SAFEGUARD. It has two button doors.
No keycard things, and how does 173 get in to cut your arm? WHAT VENTS? The thing can spread by air, so it is SEALED. And the windows would be bullet-proof, and hard.
Basically, you really need to beef up the amount of defence. Also, WTF is (EASTER EGG SPOILER)
Clementine just standing in the corner?
Also, I can get you a better hazmat model in a few days, I was working on one when you asked me in a thread a while ago, but I never released it.

P.S. I love you for releasing the 3D World Studio things. No homo. I wish Regalis would with the source code.
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