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Im new on formus, but Im following SCP:CB since very early versions :) Anyway, I've never had any reason to register on forums, untill now. Regalis has released source code, so It's good to start doing something with it... I decided to make multiplayer mod, becouse that's what I like, not even the gameplay (It won't be as scary then, when you have a partner who looks what's behind you...), I just like network programming, and the project seems to be funny with two people xD

So, basicaly, Im really curious how many people are interested, how many people would play it...

I have nothing done yet (Despite getting Blitz and compiling), I dont promise anything, Im just asking if final result is worth my work.

Thank you for any comments (good and bad) :)
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Re: Multiplayer mod?

There's a lot of people looking for a multiplayer option :)
I don't like the idea of an official multiplayer thing in the game but I think that it would be an interesting mod :wink:
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Re: Multiplayer mod?

Its now possible to join room or host a one, Player names are shown. No Console or chat for now, I gonna add them later. Also, game loading is synced, You can't start a game before all players are ready (loaded and running). Im coding player syncing now, no animations, player model is Class-D entity that you can see in intro (Entering 173 containment room with you). Next, I gonna add Entity sync, so non-host players can see 173 and other guys. I hope alpha is released then, also Item syncing will be adden in a while, since it's not a lot of work.

Just a quick info of my work. I hope I gonna release some screenshots soon, when I have anything to show, more than just few lines of text and debug messages...

Re: Multiplayer mod?

That's nice, but I don't know why I'm the only one who posts here :shock:

Guys, say something!
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Re: Multiplayer mod?

Hmmm, I haven't thought of Event syncing... :/ That is going to take some more time, cuz It's really hard to define "Event", and send only necesary data... Anyway, Players syncing works so-so (Only debug, but not much work to make it entity :D). I will post some screenshots where you can see other player, maybe tomorrow or in 2 days.

Btw, As I said, I don't hope so many ppl will play this mod, becouse it totally ruins the horror element, and makes the game more adventure-like and cooperative (Can't really imagine playing this without voice communication, and no, I won't add it by default).

Re: Multiplayer mod?

This is not official, however.
I'm not here as much right now, mention me on our Discord server if you need anything.

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SCP 513 wrote:
Glitch wrote:This is not official, however.
A little bit fishy...
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