[0.7.4] The Everything Tree


"SCP-038 was found on an abandoned farm in █████████████, New York, in 19██. It was at first thought to be a common apple tree. However, upon closer inspection, it became apparent that SCP-038 was growing things other than apples and, in fact, other than fruit."
(please forgive me for making this poor-looking tree)
"SCP-038 has the ability to clone any object that touches its bark. Objects begin growing almost instantaneously and reach maturity within a matter of minutes."

http://www.mediafire.com/download/zb8zr ... 38_Mod.zip (sorry for the previously broken link)
Extract this to your SCP:CB (version 0.7.4) directory, merge all folders, replace all files (make a copy of "Data\Rooms.ini" and "GFX\map\miscsigns.jpg"), and run the edited executable.

- Self descriptive update
- Fixed the cloned S-NAV Navigator
- Initial Release
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Re: [0.7.3] The Everything Tree

EDIT: Just tested it and here's what I have to say:

As I expected the S-Nav Navigator Ultimate doesn't work at all when duplicated just like when spawn though the console and also I would like to say that it is possible to make SCP-173, SCP-106 and even SCP-096 touch the tree and that you should make SCP-173 not enter the chamber like in SCP-914's room. Oh and another suggestion when a clonned body drops off the tree you should play a sound similar to the one played when the SCP-106's victim's corpse fall off the ceilling in the T-room. OH and you should put the hazma suit somewhere near too.

You did a very nice job :)

SCP-038 Partial Testing Log - select experiments only
For full test records and reports, contact affiliated researchers for authorization

Date: 11/08/████
Intent: Confirmation of mass limit: investigation into consequences of exceeding limit.
Summary of test results: 400 pound steel ingot made contact with the outer bark of SCP-038. Chamber vacated as a precaution. Cloned ingot grew at typical speed, but growth halted abruptly short of completion. Examination of the end of the aborted facsimile revealed a rough texture superficially resembling miniature-scale tree bark. Item detached from SCP-038 as typical, and was subsequently found to weigh 90.91 kilograms, or almost precisely 200 pounds.

Date: 11/08/████
Intent: Investigation into duplication of non-biological animate matter.
Summary of test results: SCP-173, deemed a suitable test subject because of its lack of verifiable life processes, introduced into containment chamber by Class-D personnel. Contact made with the outer bark of SCP-038, and SCP-173 returned immediately to containment. SCP-173 facsimile began development at typical speed, beginning at point of contact. As consistent with previous results, growth halted at the 200-pound threshold, in this case terminating development after replication of the head, right arm, and partial upper torso. Class-D test subject was ordered to break eye contact with clone. When test subject eventually blinked, no movement was observed in cloned material. Extinguishing and reestablishment of containment chamber light supply revealed no apparent reaction from cloned material. Experiment concluded. During storage of cloned portion of SCP-173, it was observed that the partial facsimile was in fact making violent gestures, at a dramatically slower rate. Movement was shown to continue regardless of state of observation.
NVM then you should make it actually clone half SCP-173. Like doing a new model ?

Re: [0.7.3] The Everything Tree

Z-Bites wrote:You, my friend, are amazing.
SCP 513 wrote:This is an amazingmod.

And the tree looked fine, though.
I have nothing more to say. I love this.
Crowbar wrote:What would be interesting is a clone of the player, though how that'd work is beyond me, especially since the player doesn't have a model, as I recall. Perhaps you could modify a random D-class and malform it?
He has already thought about it. It is already implemented ;D Just test it out.... :wink: