SCP - Containment is Magic Mod (V2.2.3)

Hello everypony, We at the LTF Foundation welcome to our version of SCP containment breach.

How to install:

1. Delete the current SCP:CIM you have

2. Go to Gamejolt

3. Unpack the downloaded 7z file.

4. Unpack all patches more recent after date and merge it with the version you downloaded.

4. When you first play it, turn off bump mapping.

Known Bugs:
See Game Bugs Page on SCP-CIM wiki
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Re: SCP - Containment is Magic Mod

Honestly I'm not surprised this was dug up, I hear some Russian guys are also continuing this mod, I'll have to try this version out.
Just noting, I am still working on the mod, just procrastination, a broken TV, and inability to acquire decent pony animations has delayed me.
I'm not here as much right now, mention me on our Discord server if you need anything.

Re: SCP - Containment is Magic Mod

I was kinda of thinking of continuing this mod, though the fact that I can't model, edit sounds, code, make good textures, or anything the old team did hold me back.

So I wish you with luck.
and PLEASE don't add porny content to 895s monitor or as a easter-egg

Though I might be able to make artwork for the mod.

Here's just some random thing I made back in august.

Re: SCP - Containment is Magic Mod

Wait, you guys are seriously going to dig this up?

If you are, I'd like in. I can't really do anything but ideas, but If there is Skype group or something, I want to be in it making sure people don't slack off and screw up like they did with the last mod.

CIM, do you have a manager of any sort? A leader or anybody?