Re: SCP - Containment is Magic Mod (V2.2.3)

the mod is a little broken, I love the mod but it wasn't same like how it was in past

ever since this update came out there has been some issues in the game such as...
Mod's performance is a little broken (Maybe because of the version it's running on or something like that, Maybe... I don't know :? )

Some of the models are broken (I can understand if the guard's models are broken because of the new bone.ini file (I think Dmitriy-Bars might knows how to fix this)
Some of the textures are a little off (Trust me, this has happened to me before, and I figured out why it happens sometimes when replacing the Rmesh's Texture's for example room1achive_lm1 can cause brightness issues due to how the Rmesh model either being remade or it's texture being remade, I think before is the case. how to fix it is either since you are using the old Rmesh texture's you should probably use the old Rmesh Model of the rooms as well, I'm not sure if it would fix it or not considering that I haven't try that method but I know it would work since I'm getting better at understanding 3D Models and Textures, the method I did is to not replace anything that is Rmesh room model including the textures as well, this can of course as I already said cause brightening issues or the room can be completely black or one of the walls can be.)
Some of the sounds that were from the past version are gone (I'm not sure if you were planning to get rid of them but there were amazing, you didn't really need to get rid of them, but if you don't plain on adding them back I can understand that. this is not mod of course but I love this mod and I would do my best to make sure nothing bad goes wrong or anything like that) :wink:
I support this mod

Re: SCP - Containment is Magic Mod (V2.2.3)

SCP-CIM wrote:I attempted to fix the texture issues you have told me by re-adding the original rmesh and textures but they still a bit glitchy in some places.

version 2.6.0 is now available.

What sounds did you like? If you tell me me I might put them in the next update.
Well, I did like the pony step sounds that plays when the player walks or runs

The Rustle Sounds or scootaloo sounds where a nice touch to what the character is

I'll keep up to date with the comment as I progress through the new update to see if any sound that I remember is missing or that I like to be added back :wink: