lavender foundation mod (help and modellers needed)

:idea: I am reviving my first ever SCP mod into 0.8.1, the lavender foundation, and improving it. I am currently requesting: texture ideas, a lavender ghost model for 106 :106: , a whitehand model for 173, other SCP texture ideas, music ideas ( :!: I have pocket dimension and 012 sorted :!: ).

Anyone helping or even giving ideas will have credit in the game (helpers in modcredits.txt and ending screen.)

I have not ever created a fully made mod posted yet but I plan this mod to be amazing. :D
and this MUST link to lavender town, like ghost and whitehand, and buriedalive.

-end log-

Re: lavender foundation mod (help and modellers needed)

Lavender Town Mod. When you hear it, it sounds like it doesn't work. But then, when you delve deeper, you will be like "Why did I not think of this before?" *ahem*

I have some ideas:

SCP-096 ~ Missing No.
SCP-049 ~ Buried Alive
SCP-049-2 ~ Victims of B.A.
SCP-895 ~ The Pokemon Black Cartridge
SCP-012 ~ The Lavender Town Music Sheet
SCP-1025 ~ The Gameboy (Each page = different game)
SCP-714 ~ Specially-Affixed Ear Aid

That's really all I can think of.

Re: lavender foundation mod (help and modellers needed)

I have done 012, and I jut need to texture it to have the frequencies sheet. I WILL have to put a warning for people under 12, as I DID use the music that causes the syndrome. SCP-1025 is currently a book of frequencies, each page has a line of frequencies, and the cardiac arrest has the ghost frequencies. this may be changed.

EDIT: I was thinking about missingno, and swapping 096 for buriedalive and 049 for missingno, and the zombies can be the M form of missingno, as he has one form:missingno, and another:M

Re: lavender foundation mod (help and modellers needed)

I can see the ghost slightly on the darker area.
PROBLEM! I was thinking that maybey missingNO can be SCP-513-1, considering that he is a rare GLITCH pokemon who is revealed by small 'glimpses' behind the jumble of pixels, and 513-1 is seen as a 'glimpse' and short noticed. AH! it's so hard! all I can confirm is that 106 is the ghost, and 173 is whitehand. we also need a lavender foundation LOGO.

CONFUSIOOOON >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( :173: :shock: :106: >:( >:( >:( >:( :096: :shock:

Re: lavender foundation mod (help and modellers needed)

i was thinking that the yellow duck can be a glitch pokeball, and when you try to get it, it will move away.
but 513 must be something creepy, the cowbell is the lavender bell. And 714 IS an ear aid, Ill put in a spongy texture so that it looks adjustable and fits easily, and looks like an ear aid. I was thinking of 513-1 being missingno, and 049 being buried alive, and 049-2 dead armless trainers.

Idea for trainer:
3D pokecap,
3D big scruffy cartoon hair,
cartoon eyes,
3D pokehoodie,
has a deformed ghostly pikachu next to them, and the animation is the pikachu jumping up at the player and biting them.
(JUST A CONCEPT) based on lost silver
And, 895 is pokemon black (haunted pokemon blue)