[1.0.6] Box of Horrors - A Compilation Mod v0.8.0b

The Box of Horror is a compilation mod featuring the fine work of juanjpro as well as my own mods. This pack contains:
  • SCP-005
  • SCP-009
  • SCP-020
  • SCP-038
  • SCP-178
  • SCP-409
  • SCP-1074
  • SCP-1123
  • New rooms (Medibay and Heavy Containment Tesla gates)
  • New items
  • Various bugfixes from juanjpro
  • Clipboard mod (juan again)
  • Randomised Maintenance Tunnels
  • Achievements menu
  • 3D Menu
Just download vanilla SCPCB from the main page, drag and drop the Box of Horrors files into the SCP:CB directory and run the modded exe. The source is included for anyone who'd like to see it.
Updated 03/03/2015, v0.8.0b
Download: http://boh.slynch.ovh/0.8.0b.zip
Mirror: https://mega.co.nz/#!ZkljiYQD!b0p4sfAHh ... uRgLFvigvU
Changelog - V0.8.0b
  • Ported to 1.0.6
  • Minor additions to updater for preview build support
  • 106victim.jpg now loads strictly (caused some issues)
  • Fix for achievement menu (juanjpro)
  • Fix for 3D Menu crashes (juanjpro)
  • Dirty hack fix for missing Box of Horrors loading screen
  • Dirty fix for zombie forever following the player
As always, Regalis for making the game :D
Prune for sound effects/ambiance, assistance in room design, achievement names/descriptions and testing.
InnocentSam for SCP-005, SCP-1123, SCP-409, SCP-020, medibay room, achievements menu and new items.
juanjpro for SCP-038, SCP-178, SCP-1074, bugfixes, HCZ tesla gates, clipboard mod, 3D Menu and randomised maintenance tunnels.
Skin_ for various graphics and textures
Tobop for 409 and binoculars models :)
Mirocaine for night vision goggles model :)
Firefox for 409's ambiance
Niborius for the videos below :)
The videos below were created by Niborius (https://www.youtube.com/user/Niborius)
Please post them here using the following template:
Title: (This is the title of the bug.)

What is it: (What is the bug?)

When it occurs: (What were you doing when the bug happened?)

Error messages: (What error messages popup?)

Version of Box of Horrors: (What version?)

Picture: (Insert a picture using F9 or printscreen wherever possible)
Alternatively you can email me at my address below.
If you get a MAV after selecting your resolution, set to XP Service Pack 3 compatibility and Run as Administrator.

"I have something to add to the mod!"
Email me at [email protected] :)
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SCP - Box of Horrors v0.8.0b
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Re: [0.8.2] SCP Box of Horrors - A Compilation Mod

Don't open!
Wild "SCP Box of Horrors" appeared!
SCP Box of Horrors uses BUGFIXES FOR EVENTS.
Mr. Shy-Guy took damages!
Mr. Shy-Guy uses TACKLE.
It's not that effective...
SCP Box of Horrors uses SCP-1074.
Mr. Shy-Guy is confused.
Mr. Shy-Guy uses TACKLE.
Mr. Shy-Guy is confused.
SCP Box of Horrors uses STEP-PER-TEXTURES.
It's not that effective...
Mr. Shy-Guy is no longer confused.
Mr. Shy-Guy uses SCP-714.
Mr. Shy-Guy now wears SCP-714.
SCP Box of Horrors uses SCP-1074.
Mr. Shy-Guy is wearing SCP-714. The move has no effect on Mr. Shy-Guy.
Mr. Shy-Guy uses SCP-096.
SCP Box of Horrors can't see. The move has no effect on SCP Box of Horrors.
SCP Box of Horrors uses SCP-038.
Mr. Shy-Guy took damages!
Mr. Shy-Guy uses SCP-500-1.
Mr. Shy-Guy's HP are fully restored.
SCP Box of Horrors uses CLIPBOARD.
Mr. Shy-Guy took damages!
Mr. Shy-Guy uses TACKLE.
Mr. Shy-Guy failed.
SCP Box of Horrors uses SCP-1123.
It's super effective!
Mr. Shy-Guy fainted.
Congratulation for making this! :wink:

There is still the "GRAB SCP-1123 TROGH THE WINDOW" Bug, but other than that there is nothing else...
Plus I noticed that the new SCP-1074's room does not have the old bug anymore, excellent! :D
I really LOVE this Mod, it's so well made! Congratulations for making this! :wink:
Maybe you could add SCP-005, I suggest to put a Level 4 door fot it's room (so the game doesn't get too easy...); it could be nice, right? :)
:173: :106: <Please, give us a hug!)
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