Re: SCP - Cry of Fear [v. 1.1] CODERS NEEDED! .3.

MonocleBios wrote:
UnknownGlaze wrote:Clicking on the computer screens crashes the game
Did D-9999 give you the fix for this?
She did mention it, yes. I'm going to include that in the next update. I'll have to get teh link, tho.
SCP-Sean wrote:THIS. THIS. THIS MOD HERE. This is what I call a great mod. It seemed like a different game from only seeing the damn menu. That is the first mod that made me feel that. Congrats.
Thanks! That's what I was aiming for (as previously stated). :D
Niborius wrote:@UnknownGlaze, would you like me to make more videos of your mod, also to advertise the mod a little bit? Let me know
Sure! If you don't mind, of course. Also, I did fix the texture bug in the most previous update, so you don't have those weird white blob things. :laugh:

EDIT: I tried a suggestion that someone made before in this thread about 035 being Purnell, and me replacing 513-1. I think(?) I found a suiting replacement, yet I'm not sure. What do you guys think?