Re: [1.1.5] SCP - Nine Tailed Fox Mod (v0.0.2) (Download)

PXLSHN wrote:OK, now I decided to split the Unlockables mod from the MTF-Mode: It will be a standalone mod.

About this mod: You play as a Nine Tailed Fox member and your task is it to recontain the breached SCPs. Of course you will be armed with guns and such :wink:.

  • ENDSHN/PXLSHN: Main Leader, Programming, Sounds (few sounds), Textures, Models, Mapping
  • revo794: Sound Effects,Music
  • undead003: Voice Acting
  • Alphive: Textures,Music
  • Turtle Sandwich/Catnipbuddy: Textures,Sound Effects
  • enotovski: Hand Model ReTexture
  • Vane Brain: Room Modeller (Mapping),Loadingscreens,SCP-Ideas,Documents,Textures
BTW: If you feel you had done something for the mod and you are not in the credits, please let me know and I will update the credits!
Support Images
Create by Vane Brain (a banner which can be used for signatures :wink:):
Created by penpen110:
Created by Catnipbuddy:
Created by Alphive:
Created by Alphive:

Made by Dark Lord:

Made by Zackonark and Taco095:
from Zackonark:
from Taco095:
v0.0.1:!qQlCWSzB!PNqR99nLEcEq ... qg-EcMS8Zg (needs SCP:CB 1.1.5)
v0.0.2:!2V0RiKCJ!Nj5uG2VMRger ... hRML5zKdbo (needs SCP:CB 1.1.5)

How to install: Just use a fresh version of SCP:CB and then drag everything from that mod into the SCP:CB folder, then replace everything if it's asking you and then you can play!

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- bugfixes:
  * guns will now be hidden if the player is getting killed (this will also fix the "gun spins uncontrolable
    upon death" bug)
  * guns can't be used if the player is dead
  * the font "Capture it.ttf" is now in "NineTailedFoxMod\GFX\" instead of "GFX\"
  * the message if you try to pick up a USP magazine but have the maximum reached will now "say" the correct
    gun ("USP Tactical" instead of "FN P90")
  * the bug with the "GunStorage" room clipping through the cafeteria is hopefully fixed
  * the game shouldn't crash at 25% if reloading it anymore
- the guns are now a bit animated if the player is idle
- changed Launcher/Menu/PauseMenu:
  * changed Launcher Background, Menu Background, "173"-Background, Pause Menu Background
  * changed menu music
- improvements to the "StrictLoad" functions:
  * now every StrictLoad-function (except "LoadMesh_Strict" and "LoadAnimMesh_Strict") now returning a error
    in the console rather than crashing the game
  * Image/Textures/Brushes if missing/couldn't be loaded replacing it's overlay with a "Missing-Texture"
  * a missing/not loaded Font will be replaced with the "Arial" font
  * if a resource couldn't be loaded (if the Resource is existing, but couldn't be loaded due Blitz3D returned
    it's handle to be 0) will be loaded again, if it's still not working, then it will use the replacing method
- updated the "room3ct"-room:
  * now there are all the doors which are needed for the room
  * the elevators are working in that room
  * this room has it's own theme ("hallways.ogg")
  * items added in the little "storage" part
  * a event added which adds three 049-2 (only two without aggressive NPCs) instances and 106
    (his chance on spawning there is 60%, with aggresive NPCs on, his chance of spawning is 90%)
  * added a NVG, a USP, a P90 and a dead scientist in the construction tunnels ("room3ct")
  * added a battery, a first aid kit and a S-Nav 300 Navigator inside the little storage area next to
    the elevators
- added a command to show all new added commands ("ntf help")
- added a new options tab (under options the button called "NTF-Mod Options")
  * now options such as "Disable Aim Cross" can be changed using the Options
- made the P90 more accurate
- changed the positions of the guns (hopefully avoiding "wall clipping")
- changed gun's handmodel texture (can only be seen barely)
- saving should work properly now
- added two bodys appearing
  * one inside the construction tunnels
  * another one located in "room4tunnels"
- changed Apptitle
- added a little "chat" on Channel 4 (between a scientist and a MTF unit)
- new ambient sounds added
- added a level 5 key card as standard in the inventory
- added a 4th gun slot (currently as "holstered")


- first release:
  * P90,USP,Crowbar as weapons
  * a small gun-storage room (room2gs) and a construction tunnel entrance room (room3ct)
  * added new MTF-NPC (MTF2, it doesn't see the player as a target to terminate), currently a broken AI
  * changed the system of the Ballistic Vest (by double clicking it in the Inventory, you would restore
    it's health and the "finevest" adds a little addition too)
  * 049-2 instances are damaging the Kevlar before the player gets Injuries and Bloodloss
  * the player spawns at the Gate-A Entrance rather than in 173-s Chamber (only if the Intro has been
  * the Console won't open automatically if a sound couldn't be loaded (in my opinion it was pretty 
How to report a bug/many bugs:
This is a list on how I would recommend on reporting a bug (it's only a recommended thing).
  • What's the bug (example: glitching graphics, blackscreen, etc...)
  • When does it occur (like in which room, which action had been done, etc...)
  • Error Message: If an error message appeared (besides "Memory Access Violation")
  • Screenshot (only if possible, and not really needed if it's a MAV)
But before posting a bug, make sure that this bug doesn't appear in the normal game. You can still post them here if they occur in the mod, but then let me know if this is a bug I made or a bug already existing in the normal game.
If you have any ideas or questions, please let me know.
Looks Really Good. I would play this but my computer is shit and scp containment breach tends to lag a bit for me.

Re: [1.2.2/1.2.3] SCP - Nine Tailed Fox Mod (v0.0.3)

The 0.0.3 version is out! Go to the first post to get download link.

BTW: Please read the changelog on the first post to get more information about this update.
BTW2: I added a "Button" which gives a list of all bugs/lag-causing things which can appear in this mod, currently there are only two tips on how to avoid some lagging bugs. It can be found on the first page.
BTW3: If you want to report a bug, please check this list before, as it also contains all the bugs you guys listed for me (even bugs and such which can't be fixed by just yourself).