Re: [1.2.4] SCP - Nine Tailed Fox Mod (v0.2.0 in progress again)

iCuber52 wrote:
Tue Mar 05, 2019 5:37 pm
I did all you guys said but it still says MEMORY ACESS VIOLATION and I don't know what to do
(Im on Mac but scp games work) this is a screenshot of what it says
copy and paste it on your internet browser like safari or chrome
may you guys tell me what to do?
I tried viewing it in my browser but it didn't worked, seems to be you tried to upload a hyperlink from an image that is stored locally on your PC.
So currently I can only say that there are multiple reasons, altough what can be the biggest cause is the intro video if you haven't disabled it.
The problem is that even if SCP:CB works for you on a Mac (but would only be possible through emulators or such), then the ntf mod 0.1.1 is still promted to crash due to it's heavy bugs and large use of CPU and RAM. Even Windows PCs have trouble with this mod.
The best advice I could actually give you so far is to wait for the 0.2.0 version, even if it would still take some time until it will come out, but playing the 0.1.1 isn't really something good, as it is mostly just buggy, unfinished and prone to crash.