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yonzo_rikuo wrote:i have suggestions for this mod. if we died, a killcam will appear until everyone dead or your team win. also you can choose which team you want to join. nad there is three team, MTF, guard, chaos intersection. also, there will be two mode. first mode, safe all the foundation personnel from SCP and chaos intersection. second mode, recapture all scp and lastly, please put multiplayer
About the gamemodes: You must safe foundation personnel and recontain SCPs at the same time (so it's more difficultier). I want to make a Singleplayer and Multiplayer.
About the killcams: This idea will be used for multiplayer (in singleplayer you will die as you will in the normal SCP:CB).
About the teams: Maybe I will add that (it's actually a good idea). But I think that it will most likely be added in multiplayer (I planned that in singleplayer you are just a MTF-Unit and you need to fight through the SCPs and even through Class-Ds (they have weapons :D )).

@All of you guys:
I still have 2 questions I want to ask all of you guys:
1st: Should I add my unlockables mod inside this mod (it would then be more like Cry Of Fear, so, you most likely add some new Skins for your Multiplayer Character and you also can unlock some new items rather than unlocking items like KeyCardOmni)?
2nd: As SCP:CB is actually most of the time lagging a bit (at least for me), should I add some Loadingzones such as passing a checkpoint or driving down with the elevator to the maintenance tunnels (to make the game not loading the whole map, as I also want to add some new rooms into the mod)?

BTW: I think I will actually put SCP-008 inside the random generated maintenance tunnels (then some SCP-008-1 zombies would actually appear inside these tunnels and would try to infect the player).

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Child Muncher wrote:I was just looking at the screenshots and noticed that CS:S hands don't really fit the MTF feel.

I suggest using something like this:

Or this: (with sleeves)

Then again, this is just my opinion. I like what you've done so far and I literally cannot wait for the mod to be released.
Actually, this is a very good suggestion (I think I will use the first one as this handmodel the foundation logo on the sleeve).
About the CS:S hands: I know they don't fit, I just used them for testing the animations of the guns (having gun viewmodels without hands looks a bit wierd).

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OK, as you may know that my mod isn't just a mod where you play the normal SCP-CB and the only change would be that you are playing a MTF-Unit instead of a Class-D, I will add some new SCP's and rooms inside my mod.
Here is a list of SCPs I want to add into my game:
  • SCP-073 - I don't currently know how he would act ingame
  • SCP-076 - As a boss you can encounter
  • SCP-457 - As a stalking enemy (you also need to recontain it)
  • SCP-127 - An MP5K with 60 bullets (and no reload ammo)
  • SCP-002 - If you go inside it, it would eat you
  • SCP-101 - Needed to recontain SCP-035 + it can eat your items if you put some inside it :)
And here is a list of what rooms I want to add:
  • GateAIntro - The Intro room where you start
  • Weapon Supply Room - A room with some weapons and equipment + SCP-127 (inside Office Zone)
  • SCP-008's chamber inside maintenance tunnels - to make the maintenance tunnels much harder than they already be (SCP-008-1 instances are being inside these tunnels)
  • SCP-457's chamber - inside maintenance tunnels
  • SCP-500's chamber - just a little chamber room where you find the original bottle of pills (with only 3-4 left)
  • SCP-073's chamber - inside Heavy Containment Zone
  • SCP-076's chamber - inside Heavy Containment Zone (you need to drive down with a elevator)
  • SCP-002's chamber - inside Heavy Containment Zone
Do you have SCP ideas?
Then please tell me your SCP idea and how it should act/work inside the game.

Do you have room ideas?
Then please tell me your Room idea and tell me which use it should has and if it should have an event placed inside (of course if there should be some items then please tell me which items).

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i haz an idea...

i saw some of the idea poeple had made and i came to this...

its like L4D2 in SCP:CB

Reasons: Guns (obviously)

MTFs = survivors (4 of them)

SCPS = zombies (the NPCS)

chat = Z or X when u press them

so u could have the HP bar and Profile from L4D2 (make sure to credit :wink: )

a X in blood over the MTF picture to see they died

Medical stuff and SCP-500 heals u fully

4 player co-op or 8 player VS. (SCP's VS MTF's)

achievements :wink:

Easter Eggs :duck:

objectives (even though u stated it)

Endings: if all ur team dies (4 MTF found dead at :REDACTED: , all part of the team "nine-tailed fox")

if you escape but ur team is dead or didnt make it (1 MTF found at Gate :REDACTED: , subject has stated team is lost in the facility , presume dead)

if ur team makes it out but not u ( 3 mtfs found at gate :REDACTED: , all of them fully escape but one still in the facility , presume dead)

makes it out with 3 or more personal ( MTF Team have returned with # personal , rest presume dead)

makes it out with all personal (MTF Team has returned with all personal, some with a bit of blood or corrosion on them)

makes it with atleast 1 MTF out of the PD and makes it back (Mtf Team reported that one member has been to the Pocket dimension)

all makes it to the PD and make it out (MTF team reported to have corrosion on them, likely they have been to the pocket dimension)

1 dies in the PD but rest make it out (a MTF corpse found inside the facility, taken by SCP-106)

all die in PD (Entire MTF team found dead in :REDACTED: , all taken by SCP-106

1 died from scp-173 but rest make it out (a neck snapped MTF found lying on the floor at :REDACTED: , presume to be killed by SCP-173)

all died from :173: (4 MTF found lying on the floor, neck snapped, presume to be attack by :173: )

1 killed by Class D and Class D escapes (! mtf found stabbed lying on the floor, later found a class D found in :REDACTED: )

same as above but class d dies (message above but last part says "class D body found next to it")

all die From Class D (4 Mtfs found stabbed and lying at :REDACTED: , later to found a class D at Dr. :REDACTED: )

same but class d dies at the last second (4 mtfs and a shot class d found lying at :REDACTED: )

suicide (MTF found lying shot, seems to have suicided )

Cup from SCP-294 "Void,Anti-Matter" (entire facility disinergrated with a 5 meter radius surrounding SCP-294)

'gameover" (Mtf found dead net to scp-294) or if at another part of facility (mtf found at :REDACTED: )

"lava" (mtf found with stomach open to find a hard solid rock from a cup of lava from SCP-294)

death by SCP-096 "1 dies" (a large pool of blood and limbs found at :REDACTED: , presumed attack by :096: )

all die from :096: (a large pool of blood and limbs found lying at :REDACTED: ,presume to be attack by :096: )

That Is all -Wizard

P.s , idk how to spoiler :c
That Poot Burd c: