Re: [1.1.5] SCP Containment Breach MLG Edition (Release v1.0.0)

KirbyMario12345 wrote:
HorrorFull wrote:Goddamn it, I really wanted to make SCP-860 Pepsi man! >:(
Oh well, at least that's one SCP out of the way... :sad:
There's nothing to stop you from doing so, in fact if you start now you'll have him for when you port the mod to 1.3.
You know what? Yea!
I'm gonna port the mod to 1.3, when it arrives! So that I can MLG-ify everything in the new version!!
It might take a while, but goddamn it, I've come this far!..
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Re: [1.1.5] SCP Containment Breach MLG Edition (Release v1.0.0)

So v1.3 came out, and I'm really happy with it. Especially the lens flares, they reminded me of the MLG Edition Trailer.

But once again, I was running around the forest, looking for 860-2 -- and he actually appeared near the trees, before running off...
I never saw the fucker again, I've been running around this wasteland for 10 minutes and he won't show himself.

Someone told me that you can use the command "spawn 860-2", which worked!... Before he instantly vanished, the second I closed the console.
Is SCP 860-2 still broken?
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SCP: CB MLG Edition "improved" intro lines (Also includes "improved" radio alarms)

Just made a little set of improved voice lines for the intro sequence. I added some lines to other characters who didn't have any changed lines in the intro sequence, or had lines but weren't said if this mod wasn't updated to the version those lines were added. This also changes the 2 alarm sound files. I made RadioAlarm 1 (The alarm sound on the radio) a bit more radio-ish than it being like the original sound. I also changed RadioAlarm 2 (The containment breach announcer) to a radio-ish version of a part in the Alarm 2_1 in the MLG version instead of it being the original lines. Link to the sound files: ... ded%29.rar

Just so you know, not ALL of the intro sound files were "improved." Such as the PA system, which will probably stay the same like it was in this mod. Same goes with the alarm sound files. (The sound files that played almost right after the breach starts.) This is my first time I ever made a set of sound files for a mod, so some of the sound files might not sound that good. (Take Security Chief Franklin's intercom lines at :173:'s containment chamber for example.) These lines were made with Audacity.