Re: Post your "minor" mods here

DoubtfulHen754 wrote: I took the gas mask overlay and added a few blood splats that were already game textures, it may look bad but if you actually use this as the overlay texture it looks pretty awesome!
Doesn't look too bad, but the blood splats are too high resolution and seem to be floating there, instead of being on the mask.

I'd blur them, change the colour a bit and apply a mask over them (along with the actual overlay), to simulate depth of field.

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Re: Post your "minor" mods here

Gota-Morza wrote:I have made a map, hopefully a good map as it's taken a lot of time. It has been specially designed to make this as frustrating as possible. Here's the link: ... DOOM.cbmap

Requirements: Needs latest version of SCP:CB and Box of Horrors Mod

Otherwise, enjoy :)
I gave up about 10 minutes in, i don't even think that map is possible to beat XD
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