Need help with intro

Im making a mod to play with my friends, and im trying to change the intro (Im using SCP CB 1.3.7),

Tried to convert in a video the intro i wanted to set, and i changed the Undertow intro with the one i wanted to use,

But when i start it says Memory access violation ._.
So is there a way to change the intro? Cause the Nine tailed fox mod has a new intro, so i thought i could change it too ;_;
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Re: Need help with intro

You'll have to still use the same file format and name of the intro. Example being, "startup.avi".
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I also need help with intro

I looked at this thread and tried it,
But the intro dosent play.
The intro I am trying to put in is 5 secs long.
I also made the audio in it silent.
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