MSP (more stuff pack) mod

Hello I have the honor of you present the msp mod or more stuff pack mod...
For the moment the mod is still in development but me can publish you the first version. ... on+0.1.rar

Changelog : 0.1
Added "random" item An item which has random effects I does not tell it to you more ;)
added command "106view" or "view" Order which shows you the timer of 106.

It is all that this version adds for the moment but me repeats it this mod is still in development I shall afterward try to add you other contents.
I also look for people to help me...
ps : sorry for bad english i am french.

Re: MSP (more stuff pack) mod

Sounds very good, but when I downloaded it I realized that a lot of elements are missing :| such as the ghost file .b3d is very similar to the SCP-966 model not to say they are the same :? . Your project needs many changes :) , Good duck (luck) :duck: for a future.
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Re: MSP (more stuff pack) mod

It is normal that elements indeed miss the file "GFXmsp" I serves as GFX for the new items and "ghost" plans to make a NPC has whole part I does not say more for the moment well that I wonder all the same if that is going to be useful for the mod or not that's why I takes my time otherwise there is a npc which I want to implant and that on the other hand I am 100 % on which it will just be implanted to find how to code him otherwise thank you for commenting that motivates me has to continue :D
PS : And I always call back if there are people who want to help me for the code hesitate not has to send me a MP :)