Why no playing old versions Of SCP Containment Breach (PLEASE READ)

Guy's! i was just wondering why is everyone sticking to the new version of SCP Containment Breach :?

just asking if you guy's want to go back to the old version of it :?

like i'm using witch is 0.6.6 for my SCP Containment Breach

and you should come back making mods with the old version like 0.6.6 or 1.0 or 0.9.3 and more :)

and i am working on a mod for the old version of SCP Containment breach witch is (SCP Comedy mod)

just asking if it's worth for you guy's! then it look's! i'm used to the new one then :sad:
I like making mods and making videos on youtube witch i made for fun and like making GA videos, Crazytalk Animator 3 videos, SCP Comedy mod, and more :)

Be sure to check out my SCP COMEDY MOD
https://undertowgames.com/forum/viewtop ... 68#p117468