MTF Announcer Replacement Audio [WIP]

Hi, I've played SCP:CB for awhile and was disappointed by 1.3.9's replacement of the voice lines. Don't get me wrong, The quality is good, and the old ones has too much of a static effect, But I don't know why, i dislike the new lines... I didn't want to replace the newer ones with the older ones, so i decided to make my own.. When i finished, i thought i could show it to other people, i did use some in-game sound effects, if thats okay, and i'd just like some feedback if anyone else likes it too..

Replaces MTF Announcer's Voice Lines with an "Automatic Computer Voice"

WARNING: These will replace some in game audio, And this Audio is not fit to replace it yet :/<

I'm sorry if i used the in-game audio against UT's will D:< And i will happily remove them if they are unhappy..

Download: ...
Feedback Is Requested :D
DISCLAIMER: This mod is not "Out Yet"
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