SCPCB VR (actually viable solution)

I'm a long time lurker (since 0.6) and big fan of the game.
I remember there where numerous threads about getting the game going in VR but they where mostly debunked mainly due to the engine being ancient.
But that doesn't matter as I think I have a potential soltuion to this.
I was playing about with my DK2 as I had been getting older software and emulators to work in VR and I stumbled upon OpenVR which lets your headsets yaw and pitch be translated into mouse X and Y movements.
This means the only thing you actually require to get it running in VR is a build with a dual video output.
This is where I hit a brick wall as I have virtually no experience setting up Blitz3D.
I know the game can render views as textures as you see it on the monitors in the game so if the engine cant render 2 outputs you could have 2 cameras instead of 1 on the player and slap the output on a couple of planes taking up the players FOV.
As I said I am too thick to get builds of the game running but maybe somebody who reads this might know how to.
If you can get a build running that can do this then a VR release can be published!
Thanks you for reading.