Re: How to kill SCP-682

Since many termination attempts have failed, it seems as if more ingenious ways to destroy, exterminate, and disintegrate 682 are required. Molecule by molecule, and if possible, quark by quark is required.

Basically we need to find a completely new, alien SCP to do this. It's the only way, if possible at all. Sending it to any parallel universe would just make him even more aggressive to the point that he'd most likely just return to kill us all once he kills everybody in the parallel universe and use their resources to escape.

Meanwhile, the majority of SCPs that can damage 682 have been unsuccessful in destroying him completely. He's really a creature that's got an intense determination to live. Something about his body shapes though seem to be a factor in his existence (at least from what's happened to SCP-387).

Or maybe we don't need to destroy him at all. Maybe we can coerce him to be on our side instead (with the assistance of SCPs perhaps).

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Re: How to kill SCP-682

"Quark by quark". By the looks of 682's regeneration, getting rid of quarks isn't going to be sufficient. You'll have to find a way to impede the boson fields. The best way to get rid of the fermions is to introduce their corresponding antiparticles, if we know the substances that make up 682. I don't really understand how 682 can regenerate if it does not take from its environment as matter cannot be created or destroyed. Is it constantly produce a less compact but somehow more stable structure? Does it have strange quantum phenomena that allow it to break the law of conservation of energy? Unfortunately antiparticles won't work for the bosons (since there aren't any). You're going to need to find a way to reduce those.
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