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FireNinja06YT wrote:I know... SCP-049 is a doctor... So... is he a human or something unusual??? :049: :049:
This belongs in Foundation Discussion.

But, SCP-049 is not likely to be human, due to the fact that its "clothing" has been found to be structurally similar to skin, so people assume it to actually be its skin. Therefore, SCP-049 isn't human.

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CommanderMark wrote:But what is 049? It's a difficult question because 049 is impossible to describe. One might say the same about birds, what are birds? We just don't know.
Vsauce, Michael here. SCP-049 is known to be humanlike, yet he kiiinndaa looks like a bird. But...

What are birds? *crouches out of view, music plays*

Anyway, on-topic, it's not really known if he's actually human or not.

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If you're still interested here's a video that discusses 049's various aspects and how they could actually correspond to things in real life.


The video's logic in some instances isn't that err, great, but its still an interesting watch nonetheless.

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SCP-049 is humanoid, but we can't see anything else, as it is covered by a cloak (with a structure of muscle) but is actually part of 049's body (so we can't just take it off). The cloak and mask were originally worn by plague doctors during the Black Death, used to avoid the "noxious gases" that supposedly caused the disease.
The SCP Foundation used to think it couldn't speak, but at 12-6-20██ he spoke for the first time, regarding to how clean the facility was and its lack of the "Great Pestilence" (the plague of the Black Death). SCP-049 told his interviewer that he didn't speak much as most of his patients spoke little.

SCP-049 is calm until it tries to do surgery (this impulse occurs randomly). If it touches someone, that someone immediatly dies. SCP-049 will proceed to kill anybody else it sees, then returns to its first victum. It pulls out a bag from his cloak containing surgery tools, and performs surgery on his first victim (that's why in the game all the bodies have slits). It dissects and inserts certain, unknown chemicals. After about 20 minutes, the victim appears to ressurect, and simply walks around. If it encounters a human, it will proceed to attack that human at adrelanine levels three times normal. Then, the SCP Foundation then destroys the ressurrected person.

On 4-26-20██, SCP-049 breached containment and communicated with SCP-███ (Apparently some sort of mask, maybe SCP-035) for five minutes, without surveillance. He became more calm, and even talks to his victims before doing surgery.

SCP-049 also claims that he has the "cure" to the "Great Pestilence." Foundation researchers tend to disagree.

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SCP_049 is considered to be an entity that used to be human in Medieval times. The entity prefers to not speak, but when he is asked a question, he will respond in either French or English. SCP_049 seems to have a mask, stitched to his face and robes that are made of his own skin. Although it's is not said what SCP_049 is, there have been theories saying that he might not even be a real being, just an entity made to serve one purpose... And that is to cure this world of his 'Pestilance'.