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SyphenTV wrote:
CLgaming wrote:
Psychonetic wrote:I'm not saying that i don't already like your game, it's very well made but... You guys should start a kickstarter for a full development of SCP: Containment Breach. I'm very sure that many fans would be more than happy to pay for a fully fleshed out version of it. Make a fully profitable game that has the looks of Outlast and the scary as f#@& game style of the original SCP! I would love you forever if this happens!!!!!
If you're implying that SCP Containment Breach should be profitable, as in pay money for a game full of content from internet people who would get mad if their ideas were put up for money by another person:

I Second This.
I.. Third(?) this.[/quote]

im fourth this
(it means no in japanese)
Furries and FnaF fan must be terminated to avoid incident-[REDACTED]
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