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A Hideous Beast
I bid good luck to all!, and I'd like to vouch for Glitch, Jellycog, and Irontaco.

I'd like to apply also. (Read below)

Now, as for me, I'm 14, and mostly stray to the off-topic forums. I reckon you aren't going to pull the names out of a hat, so here's some things about me.
If you look at my profile, I have a clean record, and almost always agree (Almost, because I too make mistakes )with a mod's final decision. I have experience
using both the ACP and MCP (Admin Control Panel, Moderator Control Panel) in phpBB, and although I can be serious when needed or called on for responsibility and leadership.

Once again, I wish all of you the best.
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Re: New Moderators needed.

DjSaturn wrote:I demand that you make the minimum post requirement at least 250.
I agree with this, although maybe not 250, maybe in-between the current and this, maybe around 100, 150.

Re: New Moderators needed.

I am not going to force that high of a post requirement, by that standard I barley pass by the minimum. 50 is a reasonable number since it indicates that the user has at least a good understanding of the forums and have marked their presence.
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Re: New Moderators needed.

I joined only recently (about 3 weeks ago?), but I've been active on other forums in the past as well so I know how things work and what the common rules are on forums (of course I'll read the rules of this forum over again)

What I would like to say is, I might give it a shot and try it (if that's ok with everyone) but I've never been a moderator before so I don't really know what to expect.
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