Re: A Post Mortem on recent events.

Steelpoint wrote:Very good post there Lotmis.

Also as mentioned, I am in contact with the other mods and have drafted out whom we would like to see become a moderator.

On the Administrator issue, again I personally do not see any good reason to appoint someone else to that role, mainly because the Administrator Control Panel contains mostly things that are not necessarily needed and can be done by an Moderators powers.

If a mod needs to suspend/ban a user they can do so, they do not need a Admin to do that. The moderators have access to everything they need to moderate the forums. While yes the ACP does contain some useful things, these are things that are, for the most part, not needed during the day to day moderating of the forum. The only thing that might be useful is IP banning which is in the ACP and not to the moderators.

Also I would need Regalis's approval, especially since an Admin has practically total power over the forums to do as they please.
Thanks for explaining, now I see it more from your point of view. Hope the decision making all goes well :)
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Re: A Post Mortem on recent events.

You didn't want someone else to change what you wrote lololord, then why do it yourself?
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