New Trailer!

Well, I am aware that many people have really enjoyed the Official Trailer I did for the game. I have been discussing with other members about implementing several aspects of the game with animated scenes. So... New trailer is on the way!
I have already been writing down and am getting prepared depending on the release of the newer SCP's (they may be added in the new trailer...hehehe)
So, I posted here to announce that a new trailer is on the way. We will be using animated scenes, and I already have several scenes planned out and confirmed to use in the trailer :)'

EDIT: So I played v0.7. Simply genius update, including everything added. Playing this update, and working around a bit has given me the notion that it may just help Regalis if I create several trailers, constantly. More or less create 3 or so every couple of months, and have him either choose one or upload several. Whether it be an update type of trailer, or an overall gaming trailer. It'll give the game some more of a chance to get noticed. Thoughts?

Edit 2: Been extremely busy due to my filming career currently. Heading off to Florida to participate in a National Film Festival. That is the reason I have been away for a while. Will soon get back on the project. As of right now though, I cannot participate much.
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Re: New Trailer!

Steelpoint wrote: The trailer on the Games front page and the Wiki's front page.

Also looking forward to this new trailer!
Great! I am glad you are,
It might definitely be a while till we actually start production on this thing. So far it is in pre-production in terms of the ideas and so on. Knowing all the time I am going to be putting into this thing, and how hard most of the sections of this trailer would be, it will most likely take a couple weeks to a month at most...
Production may start here soon or in a couple months :)
FoxMccloud64 wrote:Looking forward for the trailer!
Awesome, thanks :)
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