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CommanderPro100 wrote:For a while now I've been looking at the Containment Breach wiki and overtime me and several other people on the forums are feeling that the current wiki is flat out bad. Many pages contain irrelevant information, outdated info, and it seems like any time one of us tries to get rid of outdated or attempt to remove bad information, the administrators there just ban us assuming that we are purposely deleting information for the sake of trolling.

So me and a few other forum members have decided to re-create the SCP:CB wiki from scratch. It's currently lacking a lot but within a few months we hope to have a really good wiki. I felt compelled to inform you on this matter as you are the author of the game.
I agree with CommanderPro100 - the problem is not just the amount of wrong and outdated information in the current wiki, but also the admins and mods who arbitrarily ban people and won't let users remove incorrect info from the wiki. I've tried to fix some of the pages myself, but usually someone just reverts the page back to the way it was.

So, here's the new wiki. It still needs a lot of work but the most important pages are there (the SCPs, rooms, items, etc).

Re: Official Containment Breach Wiki

As I am an admin there, I cooked up this little post for the forums:


As of now, there is no open spaces for administration and no one from the old wiki will be given power here. Not even a snippet. I'm going to vocalize my opinion: I don't like any of the admins from the old wiki save Omniary and Hibby. They did not monitor edits, was controlled by their users because they couldn't take initiative, and they do not meet the criteria of being an admin in general (again, save for Omniary and Hibby). There are no available spots for more admins anyway, as myself, Commander, and Omniary can monitor the wiki appropriately. We do not need any help as of now. If we do, a pre-determined user will be deemed an admin in times of need that all can agree on. Of course, there will exist a list of users that will never become this "backup admin" so keep that in mind.

Rules will be different around here, as I'm sure most of you have already read on this page. We also heavily discourage anonymous posting and editing, so everyone (yes, all users) keep an eye out for anonymous users. Organization, trimming, and other maintenance will done much more regularly here so get use to it. There will also be absolutely no pages for mods. We don't care if you want to promote your mod, you will post it elsewhere or suffer a strike on your record. If we seem more oppressive than the old wiki: Good. That was the point. For the most part, you were spoiled at the old wiki. There will be no sassing admins here, our word is final.

For those of you who can live with these changes, welcome! Edit responsibly and help contribute to this growing wiki of Containment Breach. And as a friendly reminder, if you're having an issue with another user or you have a question, please confront one of our lovely Wiki Overlords - I MEAN - administrators!

Also, me and all the other admins would very much appreciate it if forum members came and edited on the wiki! I say this because I'm sure most everyone here are "in the know" and can help give accurate information on articles that need it! It's not difficult to become a wiki member and it takes only a couple of minutes. We await you to join the community and improve it!

On an unrelated note, the following topics should not be discussed in general on the wiki:

Have a good day, everyone!
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Finally......The pages shall follow my law or they shall burn....
It's people will bend to my will or they will hang.....
The wheels of victory are turning.....There will be no escape from the cleansing fire..
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MonocleBios wrote:Good luck guys, I might be inclined to contribute at some point. Untill then, I'm going to try avoiding the imminent shitstorm.
Can't say I blame ya'. Thankfully, it's blown over well with the admins and mods (though I don't know how Hibby will react) but the other users... yeah they might not be so happy.
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