SCP-106 is a hostile, Keter-class SCP object, known for its corrosive effect on all matter it makes contact with. It is of high importance to keep contained due to its hazardous and hostile nature.


SCP-106 is a secondary hostile SCP that appears ingame. It is an extremely hostile SCP that will attempt to "Capture" the player, unlike SCP-173 106 moves at only a slightly faster pace than the player, allowing the player to sprint away from 106. If 106 gets withing melee range of the player it will reach out towards the player to ensnare the player, note that it is possible to move out of 106's attack if the player is fast enough. Once captured the player will be brought to 106's pocked dimension, from here it will start hunting the player to kill him, the player will need to attempt to escape from this dimension, most likely failing. If the player does manage to escape than 106 will simply kill the player should it capture the player for a second time, ala SCP-173.

Avoiding SCP-106 is debatable easier than SCP-173, unlike 173 106 can phase through doors and walls meaning that the player does not need to close the doors to impede it, however it only moves slightly faster than the player at a walking pace, if it is lured into a Tesla Gate it will be shocked and then retreat back into its dimension.
SCP:CB Administrator. 99% of my statements are my own and do not represent the official developers viewpoint.


Alright, on it's behavior and AI, I have 2 requests:

1). 106 should patrol randomly around for a bit after he loses the player instead of instantly de-spawning. If he spots the player while patrolling he will again aggro and chase them again. This makes it seem like he's still searching or exploring the nearby area and it's still dangerous to just start immediately running back as soon as the chase music ends.

2). 106 should hurt the player slightly every time he pulls them into the pocket dimension (minor bleeding), it doesn't make sense the player seems to get off so easily from 106 without being hurt and getting a teleport boost through the facility if they escape the pocket dimension successfully.


I was thinking, that perhaps when he takes you into the PD that instead of him just touching you, he could push you onto the ground, grab you by the ankles, dragging you under him, and then have him begin to strangle the player, bringing the players face to his own where then he would laugh and the player would appear in the PD.