Ketercheat wrote:
106phobia wrote:
Destructoid wrote: NO SLENDER REFERENCES
Which I totally agree with. Slender man's overrated anyway.
Slenderman was actually somewhat scary in it's day.
As a monster/entity, he is pretty scary. I mean, who wouldn't be scared of a tall, faceless, tentacled stalker? I also enjoyed watching Marble Hornets, EverymanHybrid, and TribeTwelve. But now I think he gets thrown into too many mediocre stories/videos/games. It makes him kinda dull. :/

So yeah. No Slender easter egg for me... Not that it would be a big deal if there was one.


While I absolutely love Slender Man, Marble Hornets, and Tribe Twelve, I say


to anyone here who thinks Slender Man would be a "good" Easter Egg. All we would achieve from that is "ERMAGERD, SLENDER!!11!1!" from all sorts of internet faggots, which would probably end in me strangling them for calling Slender Man "Slender".

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Omniary: fuck you anglerfish can't smell
Dr. Trialtrex21: how you know bitch
Omniary: it probably could smell you though
could probably smell your fucking dank ass nasty powersuit structure gel trog ass enslaved protein bullshit sloshing in your suit from a mile away


spartan322 wrote:
lucasxD wrote:
Steelpoint wrote: - Add as secret Gas Mask labeled "Steelpoint".
put mask on scp 914 in very fine = steelpoint!
Yeah, make the name change from "gas mask" to "steelpoint". Subtle, but does the job.
Even better, give it a small chance of being labeled "Steelpoint's Mask." I was thinking around 10-15%. Maybe as a bonus, Steelpoint's mask could have a special property in addition to infinite stamina.
spartan322 wrote:it is not every day that an SCP comes out of the closet.
"I'm not a psychopath. I'm a high-functioning sociopath."
My SCP playthrough
Trex plays Amnesia: AMFP