Anomalous Ducks

The anomalous ducks are a part of a collection of subjects following the incident F-19██ and the recovery of SCP-1356.



The Anomalous Ducks are Easter Eggs placed in SCP: Containment Breach for humorous purposes. When first added, there was only one duck. Another two ducks were added in the next update. The first duck in-game can be found the the 2-level office. This duck shares a similarity to SCP-173. When the duck is within line of sight it cannot change its position. However, when blinked upon the duck will move to a different location (such as ceiling or one of the desks). The second duck can be in the T-Junction area. This model differs slightly from the first, having what appears to be a saxophone on its right side. Randomly, it will produce an audible high pitch saxophone SFX. Third duck can be found in the garbage disposal in the first hallway. The duck will turn to face the Player's position for every blink. The duck is white instead of yellow and can be easily seen with the wireframe console command.

They do not cause any harm to the player (other than a distraction) and serve no further purpose other than humorous Easter eggs. First duck added in v0.6.1 of SCP: CB. Second and third ducks added in version 0.6.3 thus there being a total of three ducks.
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Glitch wrote:They should be darker aswell, they are so damn bright.
Nah I don't really think they're that bright. Although there should be a color and brightness option. And also there should be an intro trailer right after you load up the game. And after the trailer you're at the main menu. And of course there should be a skip option. xD
It's better to burn out than to fade away.
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Omniary: fuck you anglerfish can't smell
Dr. Trialtrex21: how you know bitch
Omniary: it probably could smell you though
could probably smell your fucking dank ass nasty powersuit structure gel trog ass enslaved protein bullshit sloshing in your suit from a mile away


Oh no, he revived a stickied thread, such ignorance, such brain-deadenous.
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