[0.8.2] Bugfixes for events


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- Fixed crashes related to the following events:
	- room2servers
	- room106 (only stopped crashing, if the event breaks you can't contain 106)
	- room2closets
	- room2elevator
- Game won't freeze when loading reaches 45%
- Stabilized the launcher (MAVs should be less frequent when using the launcher)
- Levers will not reset when you load a game (cannot load old saves because of this)
- Hopefully, no more falling through the floor this time
EDIT: Due to several people not being able to figure this out on their own, here are instructions on how to use:
Download the file to the "SCP - Containment Breach v0.8.2" folder, extract all the files and merge all the folders. Then, run "SCP - CB v0.8.2 - Bugfixes for events.exe". Please note that this executable cannot load saves made on the unfixed version.
No pics since game features are not changed.

Source code is included in the download, merge with the other files from the original source code to use.

http://www.mediafire.com/?vuzp6k479qf285j (Mediafire)
https://mega.co.nz/#!wolGGL4J!IGB1gkBGo ... 8fPgHfVZnE (MEGA)
http://www.indiedb.com/games/scp-contai ... reach-v082 (Indie DB)
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Re: [0.8.2] Bugfixes for events

Mr. Shy-Guy wrote:Do I need to replace the old files with the fixed ones or just place them in the folder without deleting anything? :?:
Just place them in the folder, and open the new executable. Nothing is replaced.
guysensei1 wrote:I can't get past the stupid captcha. I entered the right numbers, and it takes me back to the same page with a different captcha. What's going on?
Maybe you need to either try again later, or use this mirror I recently uploaded:
[get the link from OP]

Edit: I uploaded a new version with another bug fix. There's a workaround for a bug I found with FastExt in this version, so the game shouldn't crash when using the launcher.

Edit 2: Now levers will not reset if you load a game. This, however, will break your old saves.

Edit 3: It took me a while to figure this out, but I think the falling-through-floor bug is gone now.

Re: [0.8.2] Bugfixes for events

I'm having problems starting the game? Every time I try to start a new game, whenever it goes to 25%, I get a 'memory access violation' pop-up. Know of any way I can fix this?
"Okay, he can't f~ing open doors, you're fine."
"Are you sure? He f~ing killed those guys." :173:
"Yeah, but he didn't open any doors."

Re: [0.8.2] Bugfixes for events

Kraken Guard wrote:I'm having problems starting the game? Every time I try to start a new game, whenever it goes to 25%, I get a 'memory access violation' pop-up. Know of any way I can fix this?
Can you open the game with the original executable?
Edit: Oops, sorry, I made a mistake. Please, re-download from this link to fix that:
[get link from the OP]
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Re: [0.8.2] Bugfixes for events

Without the bigfix I cant even get the game start, with the bugfix, it MIGHT sometimes let me get into the main menu, but never actually allows me into the game, same with the previous version. I love the game, but this is seriously starting to make it difficult to enjoy when I'm getting Memory Access violation every single time I try to load up.