Re: Bad framerate?

prizna wrote:
Roller6902 wrote:
prizna wrote:I have noticed that I am getting a major drop in FPS in certain sections (just before 096's room, the suicidal guard area) I had these before as well but they seem to have gotten worse since the last update.
whats your CPU/ GPU?
maybe when the artifacts spawn, they will cause FPS drop due to the CPU not handling them staying spawned.
I'm using a laptop but I usually have no problem with most games:

CPU: i7-2670QM 2.2GHZ

lol you certainly shouldn't have problems running SCP XD

try and run it windowed like i mentioned
see if it fixes it
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Re: Bad framerate?

prizna wrote:Just tried in windowed, still getting the frame drop, it only lasts about 1-2 seconds. Not really a big issues considering I always get 59 fps until I enter one of these areas and drop to 40 fps :P
if the frame drop is quick, its not a problem
it does that for me too, but the fps goes back up
All this scratchin' is makin' me rich!