Door issues

I found another bug
its a kinda silly bug, but it can be a pest if you need to close that door
here is the pic:
basically, the door cannot close properly becuse the MTF are apparently opening it, but they aren't.
so, I mash the button, and the door very very slowly closes with each press
but, I kept mashing after it closed, and it went beyond where it was supposed to (hence the pic)
and now, I can't close the door at all, because the door wont shuffle the opposite direction now.
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Re: Door issues

The Radical Larry wrote:SCP- 079 is a troll
im serious, he has control of the door, unless the remote door control is off
you know when you walk up to an open door and it closes with a loud noise? it 096
but that is a bug for sure
how do you take pictures ingame?
This is a bug because the door is stuck like that
literately. It won't open with a simple press.

and I used Steam to take screenshots. You could also play the game in fullscreen and print the screen, and paste it in paint and post the image on an image website (i.e. Photobucker, Imgur, Pu.ush)
All this scratchin' is makin' me rich!