What the fuck is that?!

I was playing barotrauma with my friends and someone at the station handed me a note. After reading it, there was a link with the caption "here you will find the truth." I found only a fucking virus there, since I have a good friend who checked the link for viruses in advance. Now explain to me what the fuck is this and what the fuck is that doing in your fucking game?

Re: What the fuck is that?!

Hello and thank you for bringing this to our attention! The URL you found was not intended to work – it's a cipher that you need to solve to be able to reach a real page set up by us, for
an ARG.
Unfortunately, it seems someone outside our office has claimed the URL we used. While we weren't able to spot anything malicious on the site (see this Google Transparency Report), we're very sorry about the scare! We're going to replace the link in the in-game note ASAP with something that doesn't work as a URL as-is and thus can't be claimed like this.
Yours truly,
Barotrauma Community Liaison Officer