Server Hosting.

So with my router, I have to go to to even deal with my admin tool. The issue is that after trying to set this up for more than a day now, putting in everything correctly and spending the time to look up multiple port forwarding guides, etc. Suddenly it states that I have to use xFi, which is some stupid thing xFinity set up, which doesn't appear to work in the slightest. I'm just asking more so because I have just a bit of hope that someone in the community can help. Even before xFi popped up, I was having some trouble, as even though I'd set everything up. I'd run the test to see if my ports were open and it would say they were closed. So I've no clue what else to try or do at this point; hamachi didn't work and my next option is evolve if it comes down to it. Either way, I'm just hoping someone can give me some advice or help.

Thanks for reading.

Re: Server Hosting.

I had trouble setting up my router too, which still doesn't work by the way.
I wouldn't trust my advice, but here goes.

You need to enable UPNP and double check you've unblocked barotrauma's port ( which is 14242)
In barotrauma, make sure you've launched as administrator, just to be safe, and that when hosting the server you've checked public server and UPNP.

Probably nothing new, but hopefully you can find out how to fix this.

Re: Server Hosting.

Don't rely UPnP as half the time it doesn't work, Hamachi from my experience isn't the best and they killed off Evolve so eh.

Make sure nothing is blocking Barotrauma, that being some kind of antivirus or firewall.

Barotrauma uses UDP and the default port is 14242, the port can be changed to whatever as long as it's forwarded.

If you need more help you can ask around in the UTG discord.