Re: Introduce yourself thread#2

Sounds like fun.

In this case, hello, I'm a thing! Specifically, a 'new' thing.

There's not a lot to say about me, I've been playing enjoying SCP:CB for a good few months now, I've been enjoying its numerous updates, it's kept me checking at least daily on the site to be sure I haven't missed on any new content, It's a great game for something that isn't quite finished yet! The last thing I intend to do now is make myself look foolish on the forums, so, be nice.

Aside from that I'm your typical gamer on Steam, Youtuber out of boredom, and a college student studying video game development which I hope would help me contribute to the development of SCP either it be through modding or what else. I've had a few ideas here and there I'd be happy to post, though there's always the fear that it's already been thought up by somebody else.

Now that I think about it, that is an awful lot to say, my bad.
Once again, Hello!