Captain's Log

Hi everyone! Are you a Barotrauma veteran? Or a resourceful newcomer? Whatever your story, share it here, along with you favourite play style and all tips and tricks for surviving on Europa.

I will start:

BAROTRAUMA 101 (Steam Early Access version).

Barotrauma’s core gameplay focuses on co-operative crew simulation. For maximum enjoyability, we suggest new players finish the tutorial first and then embark on a co-op mission with friends, as communication is key and the complex in-game systems take some time to master. Single player will be more fun for more experienced players, and the single player and campaign modes are currently still not finalised.

  • Expect a lot of trial and error to begin with; operating a submarine is no easy task. The in-game tutorial for each player class will help you get started.
  • Captain, Engineer and Mechanic are key roles, so always try to have those accounted for.
  • Always communicate with your crewmates! Currently, we encourage using Skype or Discord for voice communication, as the in-game VOIP isn’t yet finalised.
  • Some player classes have a special toolbox container in their inventory, with tools important to that class (mechanics get a wrench, welding tool and crowbar, for example).
  • There’s a difference between ‘using’ and ‘interacting’ with items. If left-clicking doesn’t work, try pressing E.

Inside the sub
  • Familiarise yourself with the sub’s layout. Knowing where to find a diving suit, medical supplies or more oxygen can make or break a mission when crisis breaks out.
  • Make sure you’re carrying enough emergency supplies – and make sure to leave some for other players, too.
  • The sub needs regular maintenance – keep the machines and devices in good condition to make sure they’re working when you need them.
  • Keep the nuclear reactor on automatic mode while not directly using it to prevent most power outages and overheating.
  • Autopilot is best to maintain position, manual pilot is the most efficient way to navigate to locations.
  • Remember it takes time to speed and slow down your sub, so move carefully! Hitting a wall is a sure way to crack the hull.
  • Make sure you don’t wear diving masks or suits in the sub for no reason – it wastes resources, and you may even suffocate if you aren’t careful.
  • Oxygen tanks can be refilled at the oxygen generator and battery cells recharged at a recharge dock or a battery.

Outside the sub (ruins & outposts)
  • Make sure you bring enough oxygen when exploring a ruin – you don’t want to die carrying a relic back.
  • Go out in pairs or groups if possible. Major artifacts take both hands to carry, so you can’t use weapons or other items while carrying one.
  • There are sometimes multiple artifacts inside, and a hand-held sonar will point you to the right one. Keep it on passive if you want a map of the surrounding area.
  • Bring a plasma cutter to get through thinner walls.
  • Bring a harpoon gun to deal with the alien lifeforms waiting to jump out and attack you.
  • In campaign mode, you will need to restock at outposts, as your sub does not regenerate supplies.

About hosting servers
Please see this Steam discussion post for detailed information.

Yours truly,
Barotrauma Community Liaison Officer

Re: Captain's Log

So I have one moderately interesting short Barotrauma story to share with about a submarine being captured by Poles traversing in a respawn shuttle. It originates from latest version of the lite Barotrauma.

Press to Read:
I was probably the only Pole on the board at the moment when the game started. Our task was to pick up an artifact from the ruins using one of the Billsofat's upgraded Aegirs. It featured 3 railguns, bumpers and even manual horn. I was the one who steer the submarine. I was probably an engineer or security officer but it was long ago so I don't remember it. While I was driving us to our objective The Captain was doing some sort of interrogation on one of our crew members, I don't know why. The only thing I understood was that The Captain disliked (and probably still dislikes) foreigners and that he suspected one of our crew members to be one. I couldn't do anything about it since entire crew would have slained me and at any time a disaster could strike submarine in such stressful conditions. Before we arrived I have noticed on chat that several Poles have joined the server after their nicknames. The Captain haven't seemed to notice that. We arrived on the place. I have informed the crew that the place is free of guardians. When I was picking up skyholder artifact shuttle's crew was already boarding Aegir. The Captain was unhappy when he heard how the reinforcements are speaking foreign languages. He noticed that after they were all already inside Aegir. He told the crew to terminate anyone who speaks any other language than American. The Poles were somehow winning this skirmish, I think they were all equipped in stunning items from shuttle (if there were any). As I have seen them winning I told them to spare me as I am a Pole too. One of the starting crew members noticed how I spoke Polish and decided to swing his stun baton on me while I was busy driving. She than left command room but got assaulted as soon as she left the command and than killed. The Poles were angry on me that submarine have crushed. I than told them that I got stunned. I also told them that the artifact was already on board and that they must leave it in airlock or crew will suffocate. They allowed me to be their driver after I helped them to fix broken submarine as I used knowledge to accomplish it which they didn't had. And so I took us to the outpost. While that was happening remaining Poles were doing purges among the crew to check on who is not a Pole (some sort of: Prey becomes a hunter). The Old Captain left the game as the round have finished.

As we started the new round in which I was the captain I have installed a new policy on the submarine which was about considering foreigners to be neither friends or foes but neutrals and that everyone is of the same risk of turning out to be a griefer regardless of their nationality. The new crew have accepted my sceptical policy towards foreigners and allowed me to be their mentor for the next few rounds before I stopped playing Barotrauma for the rest of the day.
Barotrauma submarine designer- rico6822