crew member

A small idea I had while playing around...

What if the crew members had certain *Personalities*. As in, they would have priorities.
Maybe a narcissistic member would as a pre-caution, hoard oxygen tanks and masks. And would only serve orders if they were not in distress. Distress being, in a flooding room, or a room with no oxygen. Actively trying to find a safe haven first.
A sadistic crew member may steal items and randomly drop them off. And rarely carry out orders. And may occasionally bash others if they have supplies during times of flooding.
A "team player" crew, may set others in front of himself and carry orders first, while worrying about himself later.
A "nervous" crew member may take actions into their own hands, and automatically assign their own tasks.

These are just a few different examples. I would imagine team based players would cost a bit more than sadistic or narcissistic crew members. Only a concept but would be cool ingame.