Can we PLEASE do something about COMMS?

Hi everyone!

I've been running a server called 'Paddles' Playhouse' for awhile now, and have one, huge, gigantic f*cking gripe about this game.


A: No one sees the message at the beginning telling you how to use comms.
B: It is impossible to tell people to simple "type 'r; blablabalbla' to use comms" because we cannot type ; in chat as admin.
C: Nobody knows what a semi colon is apparently.

I personally feel like the comms system is great, but needs something else than the 'r;' system so that people don't just get frustrated and start welding torching everyone because they can't talk to the rest of the ship, which happens, A LOT.

Does anyone else feel this way? My server has eight people in it as I speak and none of them know how to use it, and can't or won't understand what a semicolon is.

Re: Can we PLEASE do something about COMMS?

Amen, the whole "r;" system is a big pain in the butt and causes issues. If I had a penny every time I accidentally wrote "r' " or "rl" by accident during a crash/attack and the message failed get out....

Possible solution would be to have a "toggle radio on/off" key and just have all chat go to radio while it is "on", or just keep the current system but remove the semicolon (just any line beginning with "r" would go to radio) which would make it easier to explain and faster to type.
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