Barotrauma: Abuse and clique lockout?

I love this game, and I want to enjoy it a lot, but the problem is I want to play it for real, but I can't even get into a game now without some abusive nutter of a staff killing me respawning his friends no matter the situation. Someone can be running around with the eggs in a syringe and I kill them, guess what, I get banned, and when I try to argue this, I get thrown out because these people know each other and therefore don't care about you.

On top of that the kick option does NOTHING, anyone that does get kicked can just rejoin and it's a hassle to keep revoting the kick instead of it being an autoban. Because you can't even deal with the horrible people that are just there to ruin the fun in a non traitor game even.

I just want to request less administrative control for public servers that people decide to host, because if you make something public you shouldn't be able to throw anyone out for breathing in a way you didn't like. It's getting really REALLY out of hand and making this game nearly impossible to play.

I don't really count the 'official' barotrauma servers as much because they are always full.

Re: Barotrauma: Abuse and clique lockout?

Sounds a bit too familiar. If you can, find a group of guys to play with. Public servers are largely for screwing around, and always will be from the looks of it. It's hard to blame the devs or the server hosts, though, when the nature of the game meets human nature (and the result is involuntary group suicide). Nerfing the game any more than it already has been will suck the life out of it by the time you do get some folks together.
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