Help me with servers.

This is not a discussion but a question!
Ok so basically whenever I start a server to play with my friends. It says they can't connect. I tell the game to try UnP port forwarding however I do not have a port forwarding configuration is this the problem?
Also if I do need to make a port forwarding configuration or if I don't what server should I host on. I hope this can be resolved soon.
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Re: Help me with servers.

I have this problem to, tried to use port forward but still don't work, probably I suck at this at that's why..

I don't think is a problem with Barotrauma, I think is a problem with your modem. Try to port forwarding again with port 14242 (14242-14242), and try reboot the modem.

Re: Help me with servers.

I had a Similar problem, so I started venturing out looking for ways to get it working and I stumbled upon Within speaking with them I decided to take a chance and purchase a server. I am very happy with my decision, The server was up and running in less than 10 minutes. I had some problems configuring it however, their tech support helped me out. As I have not owned a server for this game. Give them a shot, it sure worked out for me!