TV Guided Torps

i was thinking about adding TV Guided Torps these are loaded by tubes in the Weapons bay and they have and onboard camera and are controlled by a player in the weapons bay in a Guidance Console these can be loaded with Example Explosives a Sonar for being used as a decoy with Three variants 1.Light Fast and Able to Carry only one item
2.Heavy able to carry up to three but needs bulkier launchers and 3.the USV that has an onboard sonar and spotlight but is unable to carry warheads but its able to carry items for supporting fellow divers or exploring hard to acces places or the abbys due to its Pressure resistance and its launched with a heavy Torp Bay or Railgun and also for launching torps you need a torp bay the torp bay are directly placed in the front and its simply launchs torps to the front dumbs or guided can be triggered by the Guidance console or by a switch for dumb fire sorry if i my grammar is bad but im not a native english speaker