New husk game mechanics

Yes, we all know that husk infections are very annoying, but i am not to complain about it here. here are my suggestions to how we could improve the husks for the better and the worse.

So first of all, it would be cool if you could extract husk eggs from a husks body, or a crew member infected with the infection.
Doctors could use syringes to extract the eggs. Depending on which body and when it died, the "quality" or the amount of eggs would be taken out.
I don't think it's a great idea to be able to take out eggs from a husk itself, as it is in a diving suit. But from a crew member that has the infection. The doctor could extract the eggs when the infection is advanced, or when it has taken over, or when the subject has just died.

Also, what is a very annoying feature (which shouldn't be removed by the way) , is when the person with the infection dies, the infection will take over. This makes it difficult to kill the infected subject without getting infected yourself. So when killing a stage 2 (When the subject can spread the eggs), you can use calyxanide to kill the person and doing so prevents the infection to take over. Because when the subject can only be treated with calyxanide when its stage 1 (when they can't talk), if the infection becomes a stage 2, the subject will be killed by the calyxanide. And so is it with the husk.

I think the ability to infect dead people with the husk eggs to "revive" them, is a good idea, both for production of eggs, and for roleplay. Or in a more simpler explanation: If you inject eggs into recently dead people, you can revive the corpse into a husk state. And after doing so, you can extract more eggs from the corpse. However, since this is a very traitor thing to do, i thought it would be cool to prevent the eggs to infect the corpses by injecting the bodies with calyxanide.

These three game mechanics or feature would be nice to have in the game to make roleplay and gameplay more interesting.
Please, English is not my main language, and please give your opinions.
Thank you for reading my suggestions.

Re: New husk game mechanics

Good idea, would love for it to be implemented into the game, but perhaps with a few changes. It's always very painful when the enforcers are too busy gossiping with the captain to contain the husks, and there happens to be only 1 vial of calyxanide. Would be useful to be able to gather materials to craft calyxanide without having to buy it in campaign or rely on the ship's stock, which is usually empty.

Re: New husk game mechanics

I love pretty much all of this. My idea is that you could stun the Husks (if thats not possible it should be added) then use a device to extract eggs
Also if you use Claxinde (or a i like to call it cure) it should kill the eggs making extracting them pointless. You can still kill husks like players so that shouldn’t be much of a problem.